Polite Paws Dog Training

Your puppy is on it’s way? You just picked up the new furry addition?

Enrol now as the sooner you get started, the easier training will be!

We differ from most local puppy classes as we focus on teaching your puppy how to be calm, focused, attentive and well mannered. No-one wants to sit in a class full of puppies barking and pulling on their leads for an hour, while you try to teach them sit, and then learn how to play inappropriately with the other puppies. We are focused on modern training that is far more useful than what is taught in most classes, we think you and your puppy deserve the best education available. This is why we are different!

We hope to teach you how to successfully integrate your puppy into your lifestyle and family from the very start. Puppies learn constantly whether we want them to or not, so as soon as you enrol you will get a pre-course lesson to get started on that day!

Our 5 week course will help you to teach them what you want them to learn, rather than all the fun things they will teach themselves. Week 1 is a 2-hour lesson without the puppies to talk about how dogs learn and to discuss management of some behaviours at home. Then each week going forward is 1.5 hours of education and fun for the whole family. Thats 8 hours of classes over 5 weeks compared to most puppy courses that are half that class time. And if that wasn't enough, you can contact your trainer by email at anytime during the course to ask further questions. All that along with the pre-course lesson and homework notes to take home makes our classes amazing value for money, and a great start for your new addition.

This course covers:

- Socialisation (It's more than People & dogs!)

- Basic Obedience (Sit, Down, Come etc & how to use them practically)

- Increasing calm behaviour (Because they are good at crazy already)

- Manners (Because all family members should have them)

- Impulse Control (How to stop your puppy being so feral)

- Mouthing (Puppy Biting)

- Chew training (Because I know you love your furniture)

- Seperation Training (Most people work, so prepare them for that)

- Toilet Training (So they go exactly where you want them to)

- Mental Enrichment and how to best meet their requirements

- Problem Solving (e.g. jumping, digging, barking etc)

Puppy’s requirements for attending:

* To be 8 - 15 weeks old at the commencement of the course

  (The earlier the better! Don't wait till 12 weeks!!)

* Must have had their 1st vaccination (usually done by the breeder at 6 weeks of age)

* On heart worm, flea and intestinal worming preventive

Classes run at:

Earlwood Animal Hospital - 213 Bexley Road, Earlwood NSW

Weeknights 7:30pm and Sunday 6:30pm with day depending on preferences

New courses start around every 2 weeks, but can fill up very quick so get enrolments in early

****NEW LOCATION BEING ADDED IN 2018 - EAST KURRAJONG!!! Email me for updates****

Puppy Preschool


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