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Private Consultations


Behaviour Issues get worse with time, dogs don't just grow out of them

So what are you waiting for?

Are issues making your dog hard to live with? Are they no longer enjoying life?

Don't let your dog's behaviour get into a downward spiral!

Most training and behavioural problems are best addressed in the home to begin with, where the dog spends most of it’s time and is most comfortable. Consequently, it only makes sense to work on these problems here first, before trying to take them into a new environment. Dogs will usually behave differently when in a different home, park or any strange situation. Also as opposed to group classes where we are following a lesson plan, private sessions are tailored to suit your dog and your family. This sort of customised training is critical when working with behavioural issues as one size doesn't fit all. It is also critical when there are family considerations that impact on training of the dog.

Usually most basic manners problems and toileting, can be improved in a maximum of 3 sessions. A more complex issue like aggression, or anxiety will take at least 6 sessions to work on. One guided session a fortnight allows you to spend time in between working on the things addressed in the previous lesson. Training at your local park or on the street can be a progression from in-home training, but the initial session will always be at your home as we need to address management & foundation behaviours.

Examples of Basic Issues that can be addressed:

- Getting started with a new puppy

- Bolting out the front door

- Pulling on lead during walks

- Barking due to excitment and attention seeking

- Impolite Greetings

- Welcoming a Baby to the Family

- Counter Surfing (stealing things off your counters and tables)

- Not coming when called

- Ignoring you when out and about

- Unable to settle when the family are having downtime

- Learning Basic Obedience cues (Sit, Down, Stay etc)

- Digging and destruction

- Crate Training

- Introducing a new puppy or adult rescue to your adult dog or cat

Examples of Advanced Issues that can be addressed:

- Separation Anxiety

- Dog Aggression

- Aggression towards people

- Reactivity to people or dogs when on lead

- Resource Guarding

- Conflict in Multi-dog or Mixed-animal households

- Aggression towards the Vet or Groomer

- Generalised Anxiety about the world around them

- Anxiety towards people or dogs

- Early neurological stimulation and training for puppies under 8 weeks of age

Dog’s requirements for doing private sessions

* Any age from Birth

* Minimum of a current C5 Vaccination

* Owner must fully disclose any damage done to People or Animals and the extent of that damage

* On heart worm, flea and intestinal worming preventive