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You don't know what I will grow up to be like, & maybe an adult is better?  

I think you should get Lisa to help you out.

So your family is ready to get a dog, but you have no idea about breeds? Should you get a Puppy or an Adult Rescue dog?

It's a huge commitment, so let us help you make the right choice!

So your family is ready to get a dog but you have no idea about breeds or if an adult dog or puppy is most suitable for your situation. Your only experience with breeds is your neighbor or friends dog that you like, or you fell in love with the puppy at the petshop yesterday. If you buy a dog that is not suited in energy levels, trainability and sociability to your family, you will end up spending $$$ and years trying to change that dog into what you want which can have limited success.

With so many different dogs of different ages and breeds, why not get some assistance to find the perfect dog for your family to avoid this extra work? Often people have misconceptions about a breed because they met one that was awesome, or they met one that was aggressive or barky or hyperactive. And let me tell you often people get a rude surprise when they buy a labrador because they think they are calm as they are guide dogs, a small breed dog because it will be easier to keep in their apartment, a staffy because it will be a confident guard dog who can be left in the yard or the latest designer poodle cross because it won’t shed.

We have worked with many different breeds and individual dogs in puppy class, adult dog class and private consults over the years in all sorts of family situations. We get to see the square pegs being shoved into the round hole. Also we get to see the differences between dogs purchased from sources like a registered breeder educated in behavior, a poorly educated registered breeder, a rescue group or shelter, a puppy farm, pet shop, backyard breeder or friends accidental litter from a remote farm. People often think by getting a puppy they are getting a clean slate, but the first 8 weeks of their life shapes their future behavior so where you buy from is critical. As we have seen the good and bad we may even be able to suggest a good source or at least help you pick the good from the bad. And just because you find a good source, picking the right puppy in the litter can also make a big difference. We can also warn you of potential problems like littermate syndrome that a breeder or rescue group may not warn you about due to lack of behavioural knowledge.

Our 1 hour consultation will help you through this tricky process, so you can make the right decision for your family. Fill in a form as above to get started!

Things that we consider when helping you find your new family member:

- How many family members you have

- The age of your family members

- Any other pets in your household

- The type and number of guests you have

- How your family spend their recreational time

- What type of home you live in

- Your time available to dedicate to training and exercise

- Your previous experience with dogs

- Family Medical considerations

- Family Financial considerations

- Plus much more