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Behaviour Assessments


Why risk adopting me based on how I look?

I think you should check to see if I will fit into your family or not!

So you have decided you want to rescue a dog?

There are heaps of awesome rescue dogs so let us help you pick which one!

If you are adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue group, chances are the dog has not had a full behaviour assessment to ensure that it is safe. And even to simply ensure that it is a suitable match for your family and other pets. If you adopt a dog that is not suited in energy levels, trainability and sociability to your family, you will end up spending $$$ trying to change that dog into what you want which will have limited success. With so many different dogs in shelters and rescues around NSW, why not get the perfect dog for your family to avoid this?

We offer a full 1 hour behaviour assessment including a written report that will assess the dog for aggression in many situations, as well as to gauge the dog’s personality and what type of home it would be best suited to. If you are part of a rescue group, this assessment will allow you to correctly match the dog to potential adopters to avoid returns and give you peace of mind with dogs you are unsure about. I have had 12 months experience assessing shelter dogs and matching them to families using my personally developed assessment, cage card summary and matching form system. I will need time to communicate with the Rescue or Pound to ensure I have a space to conduct the assessment and appropriate animals (other dogs, cats, pocket pets) to do the animal tests. I do have contacts at some pounds and rescue groups, so this process will be faster at some than others.

Things we assess your potential new family member for:

- Confidence level

- Potential anxiety issues

- Suitability with Children and of what ages

- Resource Guarding

- Handleability

- Sociability with people

- Sociability with other pets

- Previous training

- Willingness to learn and offer behaviour

- Mental stimulation requirments

- And many more