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Life Skills Manners Class


I know that you love your dog...

But I guaratee everyone else would love them too if they had manners!

Your puppy is too old for puppy class? You just adopted an adult dog?

Enrol now and help your dog learn some manners!

Obedience classes have been traditionally where people learn how to train their dogs. But did you know that obedience is a dog sport that orginated in military training, and really has nothing to do with teaching a pet dog how to be well mannered and social? It is also traditionally taught using forceful outdated methods that are no fun for the dog or handler, and focus on a handler forcing the dog to do things for them.

We differ from most adult dog classes as we focus on teaching your dog how to be calm, focused, attentive and well mannered. No-one wants to stand in a row with 20 other owners trying to force your dogs to sit, drop, come & stay, while they bark and pull on their leads for an hour as they are too stressed to learn anything. Then they drag you home, jump on everyone after barging through the front door and eat your lunch off the kitchen bench while you take your shoes off. This is why we are different!

Our 7 week course will help you to teach them what you want them to learn, rather than all the fun things they will teach themselves. Week 1 is a 2-hour lesson without the dogs to talk about how dogs learn, and to teach you how to train your using the most up to date science based methods including shaping and capturing using a clicker. Then each week going forward is 1 hour of education and fun for the whole family. Thats 8 hours of classes over 7 weeks, and your homework notes detail every exercise so you can practice during the week. And if that wasn't enough, you can contact your trainer by email at anytime during the course to ask further questions. All that along with the fact you have weekly access to Aussie made natural training treats, and free delivery of enrichment toys and training supplies makes our classes amazing value for money.

This course covers:

- Waiting at the door

- Walking nicely on lead

- Polite greetings

- Not picking items up off the ground

- Settling on a mat

- Giving items back

- To be happy at the vet or groomer

- Paying attention to you

- Chilling out at your feet while you sit at the local cafe

- Basic Obedience (Sit, Down, Stay etc)

- Coming back when called

- Help with problem solving (e.g. digging, chewing, barking etc)

Dog’s requirements for attending:

* To be Minimum of 16 weeks old  (Yes an 8 year old dog can learn too!)

* Minimum of a current C5 Vaccination

* Must be people and dog friendly (barking at people and dogs on lead is ok)

* On heart worm, flea and intestinal worming preventive

Classes are run at:

Earlwood Animal Hospital

213 Bexley Road, Earlwood NSW

Sunday afternoons with course times depending on number of enrolments and prefernces

New courses start at the beginning of each new school term, but enrolments close 1 week prior

****NEW LOCATION BEING ADDED IN 2018 - EAST KURRAJONG!!! Email me for updates****